52 Week Dogwood Challenge


Over recent years I have found myself exploring my artistic side more and more.  It has always been there yet I think I pushed it aside thinking that it was not something for someone like me, I was supposed to have a sensible career where I achieved many great things.  Seems so silly to me now looking back on it.  Struggles with illness, anxiety and depression lead me to explore who I was and to find things to occupy my overworked little mind.  I started trying out many things of a creative and artistic nature and this is where Mr B’s Button Jamboree came from as well as new found hobbies such as knitting and sewing.  Photography had always been something I had enjoyed doing, though it was mostly point and shot photography of quite a typical nature.  Over the last few years though I have been developing more of a sense of the style and type of photography I really enjoy doing as well as making tentative steps away from the automatic settings on my camera!  Here is a small selection of some of the many thousand that I took on our travels…


Phillip aka Colobus Yeti (check out his blog!) bought the 52 Week Dogwood Challenge to my attention.  It is designed to challenge and develop photography skills both technical and creative.  Despite my misgivings over the fact that about one third of the weeks focus on people photography – an area I really am not keen on, give me inanimate objects any day of the year – I have decided to go for it.  Developing my photography was on my list I drew up in the New Year mentioned in my post on 7th Jan and so this seems such a thing to help drive me on to do so.  Is quite tough putting my photographs out there for people to see, hopefully the experience will help me to develop as a person too.  So here goes…my entry for week 1 in the 52 week challenge was…




Visiting Times

No sooner had we finished unpacking (well almost finished…there are always those little bits and pieces that take ages to find homes for aren’t there?!), we were off again!  We headed into Scotland to the fantastic Clachaig Inn in the truly breath-taking Glencoe for 3 nights to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  It was a very welcome break, giving us the chance to clear our heads after the downs and ups of recent months as well as returning to our favourite pub in Scotland which we stumbled across by chance last year during our travels.

Our trip was closely followed by our first visitors….who were then very closely followed by our next visitors!  First up were our friends Zoe and Mike who came many miles to visit us for only 2 nights.  They had never been this far North before and really wanted to cross the border into Scotland….so we obliged!  We also did a quick visit to parts of Hadrian’s Wall, took in some Cumbrian and Northumberland scenery and spent the afternoon at Kielder Water.  Not bad for such a short trip!


Next were my parents who stayed in a local B&B in Brampton for a week.  Despite some pretty poor weather during their visit, they were quite taken with Lanercost, Brampton and Carlisle.  I don’t think their next visit at Christmas will be their last!