Working on my product photography

wallpaper samples

I have been giving my promotional photography for social media some thought recently and decided that one thing I need is a good background or two for my shots.  Having seen some fellow crafters using wallpaper as backgrounds, I decided that this was a jolly good idea to try.

So off we went to one of our local diy stores for a stroll up and down the wallpaper aisles.  It felt so naughty tearing strips from roll after roll – we both kept waiting for a member of staff to enquire what we were up to!  Eventually we left with about 8 samples carefully rolled up in one quite fat roll…and then nonchalantly strolled out the store.

Our spoils acquired, I sat down to have a look at them and decide which ones I liked.  Admittedly there were a few that I looked at and thought ‘what was I thinking’?!  I did a few mock-ups to do the old compare and contrast.

There are some that I looked at and discounted straight away, I am finding it difficult though to narrow it down to one.  I may have to have two different ones…or three…or four…

Which do you like?