What’s in a name?

At the moment I am stuck. My whole life feels stuck. I keep feeling I am on the verge of doing big things, making big changes yet never actually taking any steps forward. Ever since finishing my last deadline I have felt unanchored and drifting. I feel the weight of all our plans and my work closing in around me, not knowing what to do or how to do it.

I don’t know if it is the reason for this blocked ‘meh’ feeling or a symptom of it but this blog seems to be a big tree blocking my way at the moment. Or more specifically its name is. My blog’s focus has moved away from my little button jewellery business and deserves a new name. It is about me now – my fears, adventures and hopes. So I want to refresh it, give it the new start that I working so hard towards.

Can I think of a new name though? Nope, the inspiration boat has well and truly sailed leaving me stranded here. I have been stuck thinking about this for weeks. I have read articles on choosing blog names, written lists of words, thought about my aims and goals, all that sort of jazz. Yet that name is still hiding from me. I keep getting tantalising feelings like the perfect name is about to pop into my head…and then it doesn’t. Or I think of a good name only to find that someone has got there before me.

Maybe I am resting too much on finding this name and that it is why it is hiding, fearful of the pressure I am placing on its shoulders. All I know is that I am one frustrated blogger at the moment…please if you have any ideas or suggestions, save me from this misery!