Sunday Sunrise

Took ourselves off in our little Bongo for an overnight stop at Tan Hill Inn ~ the highest pub in the UK last night.

We had a slight food issue which was a little grrr.  Phoned to ask if they could cater for a vegan, they said yes, got there and they said no!  This inn is on the middle of nowhere and we had already sampled a couple of beers so we were driving nowhere.  Luckily we had enough breakfast with us to eek out 2 meals.  Oh and some frazzles!

The surroundings of the peaceful Yorkshire Moors with sheep and birds more than made up for it and this beautiful sunrise would have been worth missing a meal for (*possibly*).  Beautiful spot, beautiful morning.  Happy Sunday everyone!

A home to call our own…

Yep! As the title says…we have found a new home 🙂

It’s not any old normal flat though!.  It is part of a stable complex, has a carriage house for a garage and our landlord owns a castle which is only 5 minutes down the road!  Oh and the layout is slightly bonkers too.  We can really see ourselves living there and hope to be very happy (and productive!) there.  We move in at the beginning of October – just need to work out how to move all our stuff now from Kent to Cumbria…

Our Mr Bongo has done a very fine job of looking after us for 8 out of the last 16 months.  He has been as much a part of our Big Adventure as the places we have been and all the people we have met whilst traveling around the UK.  Looking forward to our new home whilst very much saluting our Bongo home.


Yay for Mr Bongo!!

Yay for Mr Bongo!!