Endings and New Beginnings


Okay so it *may* have taken a little longer than I planned. I have finally gone and done it though. I have my very own self-hosted blog! Designed from scratch by little old me (using a theme counts as from scratch yes? well it does in my head…).

Say hello to……..Jumbled Rambles (link)

There is still some tweaking here and there to do. Actually who am I kidding? I will always be making the odd tweak. It is though ready enough to be opened up to invite people in. Some of my posts have moved over, many have not. It is a new beginning complete with the history that has bought me to this point today.

I have moved you my lovely followers over so hopefully you will find yourself there and continue along with me on this blogging journey.

I do feel a sense of loss at saying goodbye to this blog. It was where I cut my blogging teeth. Where my love of writing was reignited. Something that kept me going as my world disintegrated around me.

My Etsy shop Mr B’s Button Jamboree is still open. For now. I will close it soon. With sadness that it didn’t work out. With pride in myself for giving it a go.

Goodbye and see you on the other side.



Photo by Dominik Scythe on Unsplash