Visiting Times

No sooner had we finished unpacking (well almost finished…there are always those little bits and pieces that take ages to find homes for aren’t there?!), we were off again!  We headed into Scotland to the fantastic Clachaig Inn in the truly breath-taking Glencoe for 3 nights to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary.  It was a very welcome break, giving us the chance to clear our heads after the downs and ups of recent months as well as returning to our favourite pub in Scotland which we stumbled across by chance last year during our travels.

Our trip was closely followed by our first visitors….who were then very closely followed by our next visitors!  First up were our friends Zoe and Mike who came many miles to visit us for only 2 nights.  They had never been this far North before and really wanted to cross the border into Scotland….so we obliged!  We also did a quick visit to parts of Hadrian’s Wall, took in some Cumbrian and Northumberland scenery and spent the afternoon at Kielder Water.  Not bad for such a short trip!


Next were my parents who stayed in a local B&B in Brampton for a week.  Despite some pretty poor weather during their visit, they were quite taken with Lanercost, Brampton and Carlisle.  I don’t think their next visit at Christmas will be their last!


A new beginning…a mixture of good and not so good…

My! That has been somewhat of a break from the blog! Life has just been a teensy bit hectic this last month and internet life plus Mr B’s Button Jamboree has taken a back seat…now though I am back!

We have finally moved to our new place as far away from our old area in England as we could possible be. It has been a big old mixture of unpacking and some exploring. We have been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of stuff we own having lived for 16 months with so little. There is a feeling of being trapped as there is no longer the option to move from here to there. We are both unsettled with a capital ‘U’. I am hesitant to call this place home…Tokyo holds that title still.

On the plus side though we do love the area we have found ourselves in. From the little exploring we have had time for, it seems a beautiful and friendly place to be. We have lovely neighbours and it seems like a good place to be for a year whilst we get our business up and running, make plans and have some fun.

Speaking of businesses…in our new place I finally have somewhere to put all my bits and pieces for Mr B’s Button Jamboree! All I need now is my logo and mask for the nasty glue I have….and then I’m in business!

image image

A home to call our own…

Yep! As the title says…we have found a new home 🙂

It’s not any old normal flat though!.  It is part of a stable complex, has a carriage house for a garage and our landlord owns a castle which is only 5 minutes down the road!  Oh and the layout is slightly bonkers too.  We can really see ourselves living there and hope to be very happy (and productive!) there.  We move in at the beginning of October – just need to work out how to move all our stuff now from Kent to Cumbria…

Our Mr Bongo has done a very fine job of looking after us for 8 out of the last 16 months.  He has been as much a part of our Big Adventure as the places we have been and all the people we have met whilst traveling around the UK.  Looking forward to our new home whilst very much saluting our Bongo home.


Yay for Mr Bongo!!

Yay for Mr Bongo!!