Sunday Sunrise

Took ourselves off in our little Bongo for an overnight stop at Tan Hill Inn ~ the highest pub in the UK last night.

We had a slight food issue which was a little grrr.  Phoned to ask if they could cater for a vegan, they said yes, got there and they said no!  This inn is on the middle of nowhere and we had already sampled a couple of beers so we were driving nowhere.  Luckily we had enough breakfast with us to eek out 2 meals.  Oh and some frazzles!

The surroundings of the peaceful Yorkshire Moors with sheep and birds more than made up for it and this beautiful sunrise would have been worth missing a meal for (*possibly*).  Beautiful spot, beautiful morning.  Happy Sunday everyone!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Sunrise

    • It was well worth being awake at 4:30am for (though that wasn’t intentional – I needed a wee at just the right time!)
      Our little Mr Bongo is perfect for adventures and we have certainly had plenty! We lived in him for abut 8 months as part of our Big Adventure (there’s a post on here about it somewhere…). Had him for about 5 years now. Don’t always use him as much as we’d like though 😦

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