If we were having coffee right now…

Day Eleven: A Cup of Coffee


Image from Pixabay

Another day, another new style of writing to try out and I am quite liking the idea of it.  It is a virtual coffee date between me and you, a time to share what I have been up to and have a catch up.  So I have settled down with a cup of coffee (with oat milk today) and looking forward to my date with you.  Grab a drink, a chair and let’s share (ooh that rhymed!)

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you I have started jogging…again.  Yes I know I have tried it before with varying degrees of success.  This time though I am determined to give it my best shot.  I woke up this year to the need to look after myself better.  I changed to a plant based diet and am always working to improve my mental health so exercise was next on the list.  Jogging is free and we don’t have much money at the moment so the running shoes are back on.  I will have to let you know how I get on.

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you about all the tasty creations I have been making since I changed to a plant-based diet and how much I love making ‘buddha bowl’ type meals.  You would probably be astounded when I tell you I can make yummy mayonnaise with chickpea liquid and gooey tasty cheese with potato and carrot.  I would tell you how I have now heard the ‘what do you eat?’ question and that thankfully I have not yet experienced any of the negativity that some vegans seem to encounter…so far…

If we were having coffee right now, I would tell you that slowly and surely our plans for mobile working seem to be coming together.  Our microstock portfolios are growing and so is the income from them.  I would excitedly tell you that someone is actually paying me to write things for them and then confide my doubts about whether I am actually any good at this writing business.

If we were having coffee right now, there would be news to tell you about my blog. How I am looking to moving to a self-hosted blog, how I have lots of ideas for how it will look and how I am being held back because I think a name change is in order.  I would explain that the name inspired by my button jewellery business no longer seems quite right but how confused I am about choosing a new name that reflects what me and my blog is becoming.  We would chat about ideas and hopefully inspiration would strike!

If we were having coffee right now, I would ask how are you?

5 thoughts on “If we were having coffee right now…

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  2. Well if we were having coffee right now (chai latte for me please), I would tell you that since I decided to take up jogging I haven’t so much as laced up my runners, so that’s how well THAT’S going… I would tell you that your plant based-diet sounds really difficult to maintain but I’m excited to hear how you get on with it. I live a fully veggie life at home but I don’t think I could give up certain foods (honey, milk, cheese, eggs) that would be necessary sacrifices if I wanted to turn vegan. I would tell you I’m happy to hear about your microstock portfolios even though I’m not sure what they are exactly, and I can’t wait to see your self-hosted beauty whenever it’s ready!

    And then I would go and buy a choc chip cookie, because grabbing a coffee without buying a snack is inhumane.

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    • On our coffee date, I would get a chai latte for you and offer another cookie apologising for not offering one sooner. I would offer sympathetic comments about the no running on your part and tell you it took me months of saying that I really needed to start exercising before I actually did. I would suggest that perhaps we need a virtual jogging date rather than coffee? I would tell you that being plant based is easier than I thought it would be though I do miss certain foods. I would tell you I was vegetarian for 19 years before I started reducing my dairy for health reasons never actually intending to give up cheese….still not sure how it happened. I would explain that microstock is just places like Shutterstock etc where people pay to use your photos. I would tell how I am well and truly stuck on my new blog name so the self-hosting is on hold until I can decide on one and make you laugh with some of the simply awful/silly names I have come up with attempting to stimulate ideas…’words and turds’ being a particular favourite.

      And then I would have to go for a wee as all this coffee is having an effect.

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