Rallying in Kielder Forest

Pirelli International Rally, Kielder UK

Photo by ColobusYeti

My day out yesterday started with driving along a muddy rutted dirt track past no entry signs and into deep forest.  We weren’t misbehaving though!  We were seeking out the Pirelli International Rally being held in Kielder Forest.  Yep that is how I spent my Saturday, watching cars in the middle of Wark Forest and getting covered in dust.  Phillip (aka ColobusYeti) was shooting some photos for our stock portfolio so I thought I would tag along for the experience.

We found a spot in the ‘car park’ or on the side of the dirt track as it was in reality and set off to find a good viewing spot.  Facilities were sparse i.e the toilets were the forest and seats were mossy covered stumps if you fancied a sit down…but hey you’re in the middle of a forest and boy were the surroundings awesomely beautiful.  Wark Forest is truly stunning and sitting there in our little Bongo having our lunch in the quiet between the two sections listening to the birds and the breeze through the trees was my idea of happiness.

That was actually my most favourite thing about the day (shush ~ don’t tell the rally drivers!).  The noise and speed of the cars zooming past was pretty impressive and I did enjoy watching them, just kinda felt that it is probably a whole lot more exciting for those in the car!

To be honest I was more excited about the fact we realised one of our photos had been used by Pirelli for a news article about the ceremonial finish being in our home town of Brampton!

Brampton Moot Hall early in the morning

Photo by ColobusYeti

So a different yet rather enjoyable way to spend my Saturday.  What did you do with yours?!

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