Back to normality

So our holiday is over and what a holiday it was!  I had a pretty awesome time and have much to tell…and lots of photos of food to share and salivate over.  It is back to normality for us now though…

Or may be not.  The day after we returned, I started feeling pretty rough, even allowing for jet lag.  In the early hours of the next morning, the reason for this became clear…a delightful case of gastroenteritis which has completely knocked me sideways.  So normality is on hold for the moment whilst I see off its nastiness and get to the point where I can string words together in coherent manner without too much effort (you have no idea how long this short post took or how many corrections I had to make!)

Normal service will resume soon and I shall tell you tales of animals, vegan food and other adventures in Orlando.  For now though my bed calls again…

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