In Defence of Winter

Frosty moorland at Geltsdale in winter

Photo by ColobusYeti

It seems that as soon as New Year has been and gone (if not even sooner), I start hearing people wishing the winter away for warmer and longer days. You rarely hear people say that it is their favourite season, all the others have their fans but poor old winter seems to be the one in the corner with no friends.

I love winter, okay it may not be my favourite season yet there is something about the season which really speaks to me. It has much that comforts and brings me pleasure. The cold and stormy weather when it comes encourages hiding away and cosy times wrapped up in blankets. There are moments of stillness that you simply don’t seem to find at other times of the year, things are resting, waiting for the work to be done in spring. When I wake up on a cold, sunny day with frost clinging to the grass and plants or breathe in that cold crisp winter air, there is a delight that no other season equals for me.  And if it snows…boy am I like a small kid!



People accuse the winter of being too bleak and I guess that yes it can be bleak, that bleakness though is something I enjoy. Seeing nature stripped back to its bare bones is something that brings me so much pleasure. Trees stripped back to their bare forms are a sight so intriguing and beautiful to me, tracing the branches and twigs show the life of a tree in a way I cannot see when it is covered with leaves. It is now when I feel most connected to the living world around me.

Tree silhouetted against a sunset

Photo by ColobusYeti

At the same time though winter is not colourless, there is always something to spy whether it is the red berries on holly or the sunshine splash of winter jasmine. Winter sunsets seem to have hues and brilliance missing from their summer counterparts. And that moment when you see the first snowdrops peeking their way through the ground! Followed by the bright colours of the crocuses and all the signs of nature waking up again! This sight always makes me smile.

I like the personality of winter, it seems quite introverted to me with a little hint of temperament! Apart from the big dollop of festivities in the middle of it, winter seems to have periods of being withdrawn and then exploding in to life before settling back down for a little snooze again.  So yes I love winter, it feels like a kindred spirit. It provides time for contemplation and thought that I don’t seem to find at other times of the year, it is a time of beautiful bleakness and of a feeling of resting soon to be erupt into the joys of spring.


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