Starting anew

It has been a very lonely 6 months for my blog.  Posts had become fewer and fewer until it all come to a complete stop in July.  My blog didn’t feel right, it wasn’t delivering what I wanted it to or what I need it to.  Heck I wasn’t even sure what that was.

So I stopped writing with the intention of closing the blog down.  I didn’t though and my blog sat here slumbering away waiting for me to realise that I needed it, that I wanted to write.

It is time to clear away the tumbleweeds and brush off the cobwebs.  The blog has been given a new look and with it new life and focus.   I tried to make it simply about Mr B’s Button Jamboree in the past and found this too restrictive.  So I am going to open this blog up more.  I hope you like the new direction this takes and continue journeying with me.



One thought on “Starting anew

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