Happy 1st Anniversary to my Blog

Rainbow at Glastonbury

Okay so I am a little late with this.  I meant to have a little break from my blog to gather thoughts and plan what I actually want it to be…2 months have passed, nothing has been written and no plans made.  Ooops….

I planned to do a celebratory post when my blog reached 1 year, yet this doesn’t seem quite appropriate given that was several weeks ago and I am fairly dissatisfied with myself blog wise at the moment.  So maybe a reflective post is more in order and this may help me decide on the direction to take this blog.

My very first post is short, uncertain, excited and concerned about essentially talking only to myself.  Good job I have got over that worry!

I have many posts without any views, too many!  I have too few posts given the time my blog has been running – not even an average of one per month.  This shows me the need for planning when to blog and investing the same time in developing appropriate tags/categories that I have for Instagram.

Speaking of Instagram, ‘popular’ blog posts include my occasional summaries of my monthly activities on that platform such as this one in April.  By far my most popular post (again using the word ‘popular’ loosely!) was my Merry Christmas post.  So occasions, events and Instagram activity need to feature in my plans.

One thing I have noticed is how poor some of my photography is in some of my posts especially the earlier ones.  Over this year I have come to understand the importance of good photos for my social media as well for my products.  Impressions count.

So plenty of food for thought here.  It may be a while before I have my thoughts and plans straight, hopefully thought I will be on here a little more regularly than I have been of late!  Apologies for the text heavy post (the one photo I did include was not even actually related to the post – I just wanted a happy me there!) and thank you for reading all the way to the end 🙂