Feeling a little discouraged…

Now the initial excitement/nervous energy has worn off, I must confess to feeling slightly downhearted about things.  Logical me knows that building up a customer base and getting orders takes time and hard work.  Illogical, anxious, doubting me though is finding it hard work at the moment.  All the social media time spent going ‘hey look at my amazing products’ is not in my comfort zone at all and the fact that so far my orders are still below the number 10 has allowed the negative me to have a slight wallow in the miserable mud.

I am determined to shake this off though and soon!  The hard work will continue and in time I am sure that I will reap the rewards….okay I am not feeling sure of anything at the moment…trying to keep the positive hat at least near my head if not actually on it.  I have been spending time drawing up plans for how I want social media to work for me and planning some expansions to my range.  Going to start working on these soon – fingers crossed they ignite both my happiness and sales!

Showing off my 'amazing' drawing skills. Good job my business isn't selling my artwork...

Showing off my ‘amazing’ drawing skills. Good job my business isn’t selling my artwork…

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