Inspiration behind the name


So you know Mr B’s Button Jamboree is a small business that makes button jewellery…where does the name come from though?!  I thought I would explain the thoughts behind the name.


Being a business all about buttons, the word buttons needed to go into the title – you never know how people might come to your business, any search for buttons may well lead someone to my door.


Quite simply I love this word.  It is so full of exuberance, life and celebration.  The jamboree part of the name reflects how the bright and colourful buttons that I tend to use make me feel.

Mr B’s:

This is perhaps the most important part of the name.  I once had the remarkable good fortune to have in my life one of the best cats I have ever encountered…Arnold aka Mr B.  Okay I may be a little biased as he was my cat, everyone that encountered him though said what a special cat he was.  I knew before I even saw him that he was meant to be mine.  We went to the cat shelter to get a new cat, a cat for me as Phillip had got his cat on our last visit.  On our first walk round, Arnold was nowhere to be seen in his enclosure.  After walking round and seeing many fine cats, something in me said I needed to go back and make sure I saw him.  So I did and this time, his little face was peeking round the corner at me and that was it, he was mine.  We always shared a special bond and he would pine when I wasn’t around.  It is impossible to put into words why he was so special – funny, tolerant, fluffy tummy, noisy, protective, fond of ginger cats and no others… all words that describe him yet are not him.  When he died 4 years ago, he left a huge gap in my life and I still miss him heaps.  So as a nod to my wonderful cat I named my business after him…now you know the reason for the cat logo too 🙂

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