Life in limbo…but not for much longer

Since we decided on our new home…actually no since we returned to the UK, our life has felt like a whole lot of waiting.  Waiting to get businesses started, waiting to know where we were going to live, waiting to move, waiting, waiting, waiting.  It has been unsettling and at times hard work.  We finally have a moving date though and will be emptying our stuff from storage (eek) on 30th September ready for the long drive North.  Am quite relived that we have decided to go for a removal company – thanks mum and dad!  Soon all the waiting will be over….whoop whoop 🙂

We are back staying with our friend in Poole who we cat sat for a few weeks ago.  It is great as it saves us money, gives us a fixed spot for sorting things and making plans, allows us to see our very good friend and has the bonus of being near the sea.  On Saturday we took ourselves plus a kite for some seaside fun…oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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