Things are starting to come together!

Okay so my update on how progress was going with my business planning didn’t quite appear in the promised next couple of days….better late than never though as they say.  Life has proved to be very busy over the last few weeks with one of my best friends getting married and time spent with my parents helping to sort out more of my brother’s stuff.  Having been in Dorset last time I wrote, I am now at the opposite end of the country in Cumbria looking at properties to rent….think we may have found one too!

So the business side of things has taken a back seat for a while whilst life has got in way.  I am very excited about it all though as it seems to be coming along nicely.  It started feeling very real when I sat down whilst cat-sitting and started writing a business plan!  Although it felt a little silly at first, it proved to be a rather thought-provoking and inspirational activity. I talked to friends, investigated competitors (borrowed some ideas from them whilst I was at it!) and really thought about what type of business I wanted to have.

Next steps….complete business plan + order packaging + make jewellery = business ready to go!!!

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