Research, research and yet more research…

Am busy spending time thoroughly researching all that I can find about starting up a small business.  It takes so long to read everything..especially as I read one thing, it mentions something else…so I read that as well, it mentions something else…and well you get the picture!

One thing I am trying to get my head round is how crucial the use of social media seems to be nowadays.  I have a normal Facebook account and a Pinterest account which I use and a Twitter account which I don’t but my readings over the last few days have shown me that I need to step up my game.  Not only will I need to open business pages and accounts, I will also need to allocate time to deal with them and use them wisely.  The words ‘head’ and ‘spinning’ spring to mind!

On a more exciting note, I bought some new buttons and am excited about using them very soon!

One thought on “Research, research and yet more research…

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