Research, research and yet more research…

Am busy spending time thoroughly researching all that I can find about starting up a small business.  It takes so long to read everything..especially as I read one thing, it mentions something else…so I read that as well, it mentions something else…and well you get the picture!

One thing I am trying to get my head round is how crucial the use of social media seems to be nowadays.  I have a normal Facebook account and a Pinterest account which I use and a Twitter account which I don’t but my readings over the last few days have shown me that I need to step up my game.  Not only will I need to open business pages and accounts, I will also need to allocate time to deal with them and use them wisely.  The words ‘head’ and ‘spinning’ spring to mind!

On a more exciting note, I bought some new buttons and am excited about using them very soon!

And so it begins….

The title of this post says it all…the beginnings of my blog with the writing of my first post and the beginnings of establishing my own little button jewellery business.  I am a mixture of nervousness, uncertainty and above all else excitement.  Of course I am aware that at the moment I am talking to myself alone but one day you will have come across this little blog and wonder where it all started. So hello to you and welcome.

For years I have spent time trying to find the ‘perfect career’ and after many difficult times, became aware that I was never likely to as I was not allowing room in my life for flexibility, creativity and living in the present whilst spending too much time trying to force myself to a certain path in life.  We were both unhappy with how we were living so we sold up and became wanderers in this country before experiencing life in Tokyo for 6 months.  Amongst all the adventures, plans were formed to turn my love of buttons and button jewellery made for myself into a small business that hopefully would allow me to find what I wanted in work.  Now we have returned to the UK and those plans are becoming a reality…a reality this blog will follow and hopefully celebrate.